We design information that people need to perform, learn and grow at work. We excel at taking important messages, concepts and data and expressing them clearly and persuasively. Our materials are relevant and succinct; our key messages are clear, crisp and effortlessly readable.

Internal Communication
When you need to reach out to your employees, we craft clear and compelling announcements, presentations, intranet content, corporate policies, store operating standards and more.

Human Resource Material
The HR departments we work with consider us an extra limb. We develop departmental and employee-facing materials, from your hiring policy and employee engagement toolkit to your recruitment brochure, code of conduct and employee handbook.

User and Project Documentation
We are religious about producing clear, usable documentation. On a project-by-project basis, we write user guides, online help, job aids, operating procedures, playbooks and requirements.

Digestible, Usable Versions of Big Documents and Complex Methodologies
Methodologies – such as project management, change management and product launch – need not be overwhelming to the people faced with implementing them. We have a gift for synthesizing and transforming large volumes of complex material into guides and toolkits that are digestible and usable.

Editorial Services
We edit (and even ghost write) articles, blogs, research papers, books and other publications.


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