Learning is at the heart of everything we do. Whether it's an executive-led learning series, an employee orientation, technical training or anything else, we consistently create relevant, engaging and effective training. We're known for integrity, creativity and great results.

Our clients love that we are as comfortable and professional with the senior executive team as we are with front-line employees. We work seamlessly with leaders, the HR department, the change management team, project managers, project teams and subject matter experts.

Here are the services we provide to our clients:

Learning Architecture
Some of our clients come to us knowing exactly what they need and others look to us for help. We can work in collaboration with your internal team to determine who needs to be developed, in what way, and how it will be accomplished.

Instructional Design
It's tempting to fill this section with buzzwords but instead, we'd like to share a customer compliment: "I don't meet that many instructional designers who get it. You guys get it." We are excellent active listeners. We 'get' your needs and how to work within your culture and how to interact with your stakeholders with the least possible disruption.

In addition, we are skilled designers who:
• synthesize information into simple, crystalline concepts
• balance creativity with pragmatism
• relentlessly strive to make the learning effortless

As a result, our training designs consistently deliver results and delight our clients.

For us, the appeal of facilitation is in leading a group to an "aha" moment. Facilitating learning experiences for your people is both a privilege and a reward. We are by turns teacher, coach, change agent, manager and troubleshooter. Comfortable with audiences at all levels of the organization, we are always prepared, focused, flexible and deeply respectful.


Change Management
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