All roads lead to Rome, in that everything we do is related to change. We provide vital support to the people in your organization who are tasked with implementing change, by crafting the communication and training that shapes the employee experience.

Here are the services we provide to our clients:

Messaging for Change Sponsors
Change Sponsors typically aren't in a position to craft their own messaging, and yet powerful, consistent messaging is critical throughout a change initiative. We work with the Change Lead, Change Sponsors and other stakeholders to develop the kind of focused, clear, persuasive messaging – in the form of emails, bulletins, 'town hall' presentations and so on – that creates urgency, builds a coalition, communicates vision and reduces resistance every step of the way.

Communication and Training to Remove Barriers to Change
We positively shine here. We work with stakeholders across the organization to do everything from revising job descriptions and procedures to designing and delivering the training needed to equip people for new challenges. Read about our writing and training services to see the breadth and depth of our expertise in these areas.

Special Support for the Front-Line Managers

We help make sure that Front-Line Managers aren't left out of the equation. We support the Change Lead with communication and training to prepare Front-Line Managers and supervisors to lead their direct reports through transitions

Making the Change Stick
We help solidify the change by crafting compelling success stories and public recognition of contributions.


Technical and Business Writing
Change Management
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